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In a small plot of land left un-discovered, nameless children are born ever day, given only a family name or status title to live with until they may find their own name given to them by the Scarlet Sprit. But left unfound by age twenty-five, the child, and all memories of them shall parish.  Left to live their life in Sharfen, the land underground left only for the ill-fated.  

This land has a name, and it is, and has been rested as Earosu since the beginning of time. From story’s passed down by the elders it is said that that original name was given to the land by the Scarlet spirit and the original Gods themselves. And that was the reason the original gods disappeared, there punished by the water for giving away the sacred, hidden lands a name, and populating it with the first children, whom names are only known as the Fea.

The Scarlet Spirit, being originally created as a female, and also being the mother of each of the children wouldn’t leave them alone on the newly grown land.  But the water tried it’s hardest to destroy anything the Scarlet spirit and the children did.  The Scarlet spirit was a very busy woman, she was given the job of the first worlds Gods to care for all of the first children.  But soon the Gods of all religions become angry with her for losing track of the other children whom didn’t inhabit Earosu, so they made her a deal.  She would either have to suffer the consequences of the greatest sin, becoming emotionally evolved with the humans, this meaning she would be forced to become the carrier of death for the misfortune children.  Or she could give up her duty and be impressed to only dwell within the boundaries of the Earosu islands.

The decision she chose changed a whole civilization.  She became the mother of all children of the past, the present, and the future, of Earosu simply because of her loving heart.

One descendant of the mythical Fea, now turned into the royal families of Earosu, is a happy child, aged at twenty-Two years on the land. Her titled name is Princess, one of the many Fea princesses by that name.  But she was the only one to have been birthed in to the high royal family.  Her mother and father’s name’s are unknown to her, they vanished a long time ago and now the royal family is being led by her Aunt as the wait for the family to be restored continues patently.
This is the first edit of the Prologue for a story me and my friends are writing.
Himmapaan Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
Sounds intriguing!
morbidchildofthedark Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2008   Photographer
Thanks! ^_^

The First chapter will be up soon if you want to read it.
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June 6, 2008
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