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Say her name Characters, Equipment, and Definition

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 15, 2008, 2:45 PM
Say her name Characters, Equipment, and Definition

Hello!  ^_^

Ok, so this is to help people who are going to read my story.  Also for anyone who I might commission from for art pieces and what not.  

This will be updated a lot as the story goes on.  These are just a few of the things I've come up with.  

(Sorry about any and all spelling errors or mess ups.  Please tell me if you see any!  ^_^)


(Uh, yeah, some stuff might be given away in these.)

((The overall feel of the characters should be some what dark and strange))

Name: Princess
Age: 23
Weight: 103
Height: 5’4”
Eyes: Blue, with small spots of red in them that can only be seen up close
Hair: Shoulder length, brown, wavy/curly, worn in a strange messy but pretty style
Other physical features: Once she transfers to the other universe, she finds that a roughly heart shaped cut glass/diamond thing stuck over her heart and cannot be removed.  She usually hides it under her clothing.  It width is about an inch, so it is sometimes seen over clothing.
Body size: Small, thin and normal length limbs.
Body proportions: Normal to smallish head, small shoulders, small chest, small waist, larger hips then chest, long legs.  Small hands and feet.
Clothing:  Royal clothing is usually a flowy girly elegant dress that is sleeveless and has gold lace on it.  It’s never tight, and usually empire waist, or has no waist.  Usually the fabrics are light a rich and earthy colors.
Other universe she wears what ever the people that found her can find.  Usually a loose worn shirt that’s very over sized, a large belt with a belt buckle with her groups symbol on it, and large black pants.  She doesn’t wear shoes because they haven’t found any in her size, so Cullen A.G. Jr. made her a small pair of leather tie shoes.
Her battle outfit is an armored corset, with a cut out to show the heart.  The corset covers her whole front and back and up to her neck.  The sleeves are black leather that ties down at her fingers.  Her pants are tight fitting black armored black leather that cut off at her knee.  She wears pointed armored boots that tie at the side.  Her helmet is and ornate spiral of a string of alcornain metal that sets off an invisible shield all around her head,  in some lights it looks like a clear iridescent color.
Personality:   She is quite, and isn’t the smartest person there ever was.  She tends to seem stand offish to people when she first meets them.


Name: Donna Sulan , part of the Farlan clan
Age: 27
Weight: 170
Height: 5’ 8”
Eyes: Yellow/Green
Hair: Bleached blond with black overgrown roots.
Other physical features:  She has a very small waist compared to her body.
Body size:  Curvy
Body proportions: Broad shoulders, large chest, small waist, large hips, long legs and arms.
Clothing:  She likes to wear light invisible corsets with a short pleated skirt in many colors with bright colored leggings under that.  Her shoes are vintage knee length converse in green and orange.  She wears long arm warmers that connect strangely to her usually light white shirt over the invisible corset.  She very much likes to dress sexy.
Personality: She is very outspoken and sometimes act’s like a man.  She really isn’t into displaying her relationship with Sue, so people usually just think that their good friends.  


Name: Sue Mary, part of the Farlan clan
Age: 26
Weight: 132
Height: 5’ 5
Eyes: brown
Hair: long and worn in girly curls with short strait bangs that sit over her eyebrows.  Her hair color is bright orange red.
Other physical features:  She has a badly done tattoo of a tree of life on her upper left shoulder.
Body size:  Slightly overweight only due to medical reasons.
Body proportions:  Similar to Donna, just in a more compacted way
Clothing: She likes to wear men’s clothing that is oversized.  But she wears flowers somewhere on her outfit.  She has a pendant that Donna gave her when she first joined the Farlan.
Personality:  She is pretty normal, but can tend to be a suck up when she needs to be.  She really like’s to buy new things but acts very quiet about it.


Name: Cullen A.G. Jr. , part of the Farlan clan
Age: 25
Weight: 113
Height: 6’ 2”
Eyes: Grayish blue
Hair: Short and usually unwashed, worn in a careless style.  Died black.
Other physical features: Clean face, never had facial hair.
Body size:  Small, but very tall
Body proportions: Extremely thin with long limbs.
Clothing: His clothing varies, but usually he wears cyber punk inspired clothing with other tech punk styles mixed in with that.  
Personality:  he’s very quiet most the time, and believes most of what ever people tell him.  He cares about his group of friends.  Also, he likes to sew, but he doesn’t let very many people know that.


Name: Ryan Calm, part of the Farlan clan
Age: 27, four months younger then Kohl, also only a half brother
Weight: 195
Height: 6’3”
Eyes: Green
Hair: Light brown, long but wavy, usually worn in a low pony tail
Other physical features: He is very muscular
Body size: Large, but not overweight
Body proportions: Large shoulders, arms, legs, chest.
Clothing:  Detailed street clothing, usually worn in white or other colors like that.
Personality:  he can get a big ego sometimes, he acts like the groups leader, though, the whole group of six is meant to be the Farlan clan leaders, not just him.  He makes most of the major decisions, even if his friends told him not to.  He tends to try a show off to people to get attention.


Name: Kohl Calm , part of the Farlan clan
Age: 27, four months older then Ryan, half brother of Ryan also
Weight: 156
Height: 5’ 9”
Eyes: Green
Hair: ear length, light brown, strait.
Other physical features: Muscular, but still thin
Body size: Medium
Body proportions: Normal size
Clothing: Same as his brother, but in all cool colors, not just white.  He likes to look good, so he spends a bit of time every day getting dressed.
Personality:  He’s usually quiet and resurved around people not apart of Farlan, but he is very must a big brother figure to Megan, Donna, Sue, Cullen, and his actual younger brother.  He likes to make them happy, no matter what and so he jokes a lot.


Name: Megan June, part of the Farlan clan
Age: 24
Weight: 98
Height: 5’1
Eyes: brown
Hair: Long, strait, blunt cut medium brown hair with pointed bangs.
Other physical features: She has a PL eye in her left eye socket, so it gives her a white, grayish eye color.
Body size: Extremely small.  Cullen likes to make fun of her most of the time about it too.  She has big round glasses.
Body proportions:  Very small, but with a somewhat larger chest then normal.  She is suspected to not have real breast by Donna, but she denies all questions about them.
Clothing:  Girly, very bright colors with cute little animal prints and shapes.  She likes to wear full knee length skirts with a lot of ruffles and lace.  
Personality:  Acts like a very happy five year old.  Because of her innocent like personality, she still has no idea that Sue and Donna are a couple.


Definitions (Including equipment)

(This is just the basic list)


Alcornain – Thin, silver colored metal that is used as armor to make a very lightweight, see through protective shield.  Usually used for helmets to extend ones visibility.  Can become an iridescent in some lights.  Worn as a headpiece were all of the metal cords come out of one area, usually the power source.  Very hard to see the metal unless up close.

Spin bed – A bed used to occupy many people, up to six, in a very small area.  Can be equipped with individual settings for the people that sleep on the beds, like the air tempter, medical assistance, ability to perform medical procedures by using a computer with any and all medical procedures in it, uses lasers to conform to the individuals’ body for best result.

Set up in a large tube, when used by military to collect fallen solders, the tube is heavily armored, but not equipped with weapons.  The beds are propelled by an engine in the center which moves the six beds in a circle to let one person in at a time through a small crawl door at the bottom, were the occupant slides in and, depending on needs, is treated, or given a pillow and a blanket, then a computer that lowers from the bottom of the bed above it pops down, giving the person options of what they wish like, the tempter, any music, television, entertainment, bathing, telephone, even some food that is stored in the center engine to stay warm, or cool.  The occupant can even control if they want a simulated window to their side showing them what ever they wish.  Some beds, on special order, also have a tanning setting, where they can tan when they sleep without any bad consequences, the computer gives then a digital picture of them selves, then shows then a picture of them of the outcome of a tan color of their choice.  All oxygen in the spin bed is enriched with many of the daily vital vitamins and tested to make sure it’s the purest form to keep the occupants healthy.  Each individual can choose how they wish to sleep that night, if they want music or a special vitamin enriched air by the use of having a sound proof, airtight chamber around each bed.

The beds comfort is simple, all depending on the price paid for it, it can rang from a cot to a down feathered mattress that fluffs itself after each use.  Also the size of the bed changes, from a one and a half width, to a king sized bed.

Mrs. Dorly – The large black ship/car/hovercraft like thing that is used by the group that finds the princess, the Farlan clan.  It holds six people.  The exterior is black when it is in it’s visible state, but is usually driven as it’s in it’s camouflage mode, which makes it very heard to see.  It has no windows.  Mrs. Dorly is powered by photosynthesis, by collecting ashes and taking the coal in them, to use the fossil fuel to power the vehicle, then exhale oxygen.  Donna and Kohl named the ship when they first started the Farlan clan, later they were joined by Kohl’s brother Ryan, an intelligent wealthy runaway, Cullen A.G. Jr., a normal shop girl named Sue Mary (Whom later becomes a very close “Friend” with Donna), and finally Megan, a nanny that was recently fired for reasons she will not say.  They have all been working together for about three years.

The ship has one door that pulls up to let people in and out, it is about the size of two doors put next to each other.  On the inside, the ceiling is lined with White light coming from Burr light bulbs that are being used to not only light the ship, but also cool it.  The floor plan is open, there are simple coaches that line one entire wall, each seat having the option to heat or cool, or to have a table pull out from the bottom to hold food.  On a wall in front there is a large paper TV that is not only used for entertainment, but also to stay in contact with their allies.  The color of the whole enterer is a light warm color.  A wall and door separate the control room for the ship, though it’s usually on autopilot, it can also be used manually.  A small room protrudes into the main center room, with a small door that leads to the emergency decontamination shower used only when a person is exposed to excessive ash for and extended period of time.  There is a decently priced spin bed located in the rear of the ship, with an opening door at the bottom where they can slide in to sleep.  A small room in the front of the ship is equipped with a small kitchen for making food when needed.  

Farlan clan – The Farlan clan is a group of people who all believe in the old Scarlet religion, and not in the modern western ones that have been invading their island.  But this is illegal according to the island government.  They study the old writings of when all their islands still believed it was completely true.  By studying the books, they believe thet can find the hidden warning for them in the books.  

Their headquarters are located underground on the island of Soom, the smallest on the tail of the Earosu islands.  It is vast and very updated, equipped with power smiths to create weapons and armor for any fight they must have.  They also have many inventors to create things their government doesn’t have.  Along with many other people.  

Most of the people who live there are older and had lived through the lased mass strain of the belief of the Scarlet Spirit, so to stay with in their beliefs; they do not have individual names, only titles of their jobs.

Invisible corsets –  IC, Invisible corsets, are a tight fitting, slimming garment usually worn by women.  It is called an Invisible corset because of it’s corset like ability, but it have no ties.  It is opened and closed by microcons, a type of fabric that binds together to fit perfectly on a person body, then can simply be torn to take it off.  They come in many different variations and colors.

Ventilator suit – Ventilator suits are full body tight fitting suits that are worn to walk around the Ash fields.  It creates oxygen by take air that is exhaled, then filters it into oxygen.  The colors of these suits are usually black and slick.  Usually only the government can get them.

Decontamination shower – A shower used when a person becomes poisoned by the ash fields.  It is usually very painful and shocking for the person inside.  By using thin strands of medicated threads, small mechanical spiders crawl into any opening of the body then start threading any remains of the ash onto the thread, which then decontaminates it.

The feeling afterwards is usually like a very bad sunburn.

Happy mirror – A mirror usually used mostly in clothing stores.  It takes the image of the person, then takes their eye code, finding their body preferences in the main database, then projects the image of that person in the mirror with their ideal body type, and any other physical features.

Burr light bulbs – Burr light bulbs were created by Sir Mal Jr..  The light bulbs last must longer and are brighter then normal light bubs.  They also cool any room there in, instead of heating it.  

PL eye – A PL eye is a procedure that all people in childcare must get.  It is a small computer that is controlled using the brain.  The procedure cuts out the dominant eye, then inserts the PL eye, connecting it to the brain.  By having this, the person can pick up a child in distress no matter where they are in a home.  If the child is hurt or sick, the eye transfers what to do to the brain.

Power smiths – Power smiths are people who make weapons and armor using only the highest quality things.

Microcons – A fiber used in high-tech clothing that can conform to any persons body.  And also shows to seams, rip proof, and put on by connecting the fibers together, leaving a seamless clothing piece.

Ash fields – The ash fields are the remains of the old kingdom of the Fea and the town for the old Islands capitol.

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